Transferable skills

balance feet, twist hips, position arm,

Hours in the mirror.
When you throw a left hook just right,
The ground births the force.

after lining up the stance
I’d make eye contact with myself
and give a lil nod.

Access my second source of strength.

Being possessive is a character flaw.
rolling knuckles kiss jaw.

Where’s the trigger warning
for men’s hands on your skin.

He didn’t see the landmine,
He did jump the fence

He can lay with the skins I’ve shed
I’m a case you make to your friends

"His school only had one stabbing
What other baggage is he carrying?"

"Straight rights aside, 
has he learnt anything?"

The train jerks, throws
your body towards me
your head to my chest
My arm wraps
my feet spread
my knees bend.
My past, drip fed.

you kiss my neck to kiss my neck
my cheek’s blush, skin stretched.

I get the hard that hurts
The only hard you deserve.

My back your Japanese rock garden
Fingers tease webs from the caverns

Here’s to all the sparkles we hold.
To all the sweet patches we make.

Whenever there's a chance
We'll mix our blood. 
suck fingers after paper cuts.
Tenderness hits hard
when you have a violent past.

I see my face in the chicken shop mirror and smile.
Onion rings and Fries, everything takes a while