Wifi Gods

Receive the look the laptop got when Lemonade dropped
I don't know what look I give back.
Hope it looks like there's no one else I'd rather look at.

Have you ever got drunk from kissing lots
Have you ever been drunk in a bath and kissed a lot
Have you ever kissed a lot
Have you ever felt safe?
Have you ever missed kissing. 
Have you missed it every day?

I want to kiss you. Want you to kiss me back
I want to be near you. Want us to hold hands
I’m always away from you.
Every day I
Can’t be with the person I
want to hold on to.

It’s not right, but it’s okay,
I’m gonna leave here N-E-Way
pack my bags, leave my keys
soon you’ll see more of me.

Till then I will pray to the god of wifi:

  • That when we look at each other
    we wont look like Goldeneye 64 characters
  • That message bubbles are always blue
  • that messages always come through
  • That there’s storage on our phones

-there’s never any storage on my phone,
(I've deleted so many dick pics just so
I can send you so many more
                                                  dick pics)

You send me a picture of your face
and it breaks me in half.
I hold my phone up in the street
And tell myself it's not daft.

(Try to remember what Tyra Banks says
'Smize' Smile through the eyes
My Smize looks like a mughsot
of a celebrity
that's been caught drink driving-
Hopeful but vacant)

I smile wide, it closes my eyes.
I don't think it looks good
Don't think it looks nice

You tell me I'm beautiful
and when you say it
I think that you’re right