cut up a mug

Moments we'll mark 

Moments made ours

Monuments to our past

The bus stops and parks

Blunt laced with first love

We light sparks n cut

Heartbreaks first scars

Some deep in arms 

Others under amour

Open to explorers of the past

I Can't go deep into mine

Haven't got the lungs or

heart, guts let alone

The rest of that squishy stuff

That makes us us

waiting for a spinal transplant

From the chain of same swing 

i swung on we go way back

way way back first thighs I felt 

were thicker than mine

father pushed me so high I cried

can you see Selom’s enemy

in Camden High street

he won’t serve me

the petty, shitty, nitty, gritty, filthy
            petty  shitty     fucking

all over with hexes

I want to make this benevolent

I'll come back like I never left it.


she’s five hours behind

and we’re waking up at the same time

I need some loving up

my heart is real low I need some topping up

feel like I’m gonna cry soon

scared it’ll be in public

inflict some conflict outside my office

strike up a convo Street Fighter combo.