Running starts.

Bad handwriting will make
all your poems ugly
I've made the best of ugly
When we thought it was cool
You thought it was funny
By the time you caught up
We thought it funny.

Nostalgia's dead air
letting dust rest
And metal rust.
It's not about making something
People want
It's about whether or not you
Want to make stuff.
There's healing and discovery
In the making.

There's a line I heard that
"A poem is never finished"
It's finished when the making of
The poem stops to serve you (you you you)

Creativity is a temperamental tamagotchi.
Who's the guy that made the statue of David again,
Was it Michelangelo or Donatello?
Either way, some days man worked on
the nose, some days it was the toes.
I'm trying to say, you have to work every
day, but you're always in control of where
the work goes.
Structures are made to build homes.
Some neighbourhoods are filled with
people who've never left their houses.
I can't imagine how suffocating that
existence is.

Maybe you're meant for the wilderness.
Plant some seeds, start slow
and hope a forest can grow.
Maybe you're meant to make something
different, something bigger.
Maybe they're making Super Mario World
And you're making Chrono Trigger.

Few years ago I thought my only
route was in slams
and back then the only night worth
going to was Bang!
So every week I'd work on a new piece
and when I'd get to the door I'd
see the names of my competitors
and I'd always see the name
of this guy and it would sink
my heart cos he kicked my arse
every time-
When I'd score a nine
He'd come through with a nineteen
I'd write sick lines,
My guy was writing rhyme-schemes
Night after night, I was a step behind
So I had to step to the side
a decision that worked out alright
Cos I could be getting better at
slams for the rest of my life-
I still wouldn't be a better slam poet
Than Harry Baker!

Keep on adapting,
don't stop doing.

Bad handwriting makes your
poems ugly
My poems are the ugliest.
I was even put in special classes.
In year six reading books for
year three cos I couldn't hold a pen
Reading books with titles like
"Daniel the Dolphin"
And it'll read like "This is Daniel
He's a Dolphin who lives in the sea!"
I was eleven man- what the hell has
Daniel the dolphin got to do with me?
Daniel the
I was in the playground inventing
wrestling storylines for my friends
Storing tag teams, double crosses
holders of intercontinental and
World Championships in my head.
I never equated that type
of feeling to intelligence.
I was just excited, it was fun.

You've only got one life
and if you're not doing what you want
It's bare long.
Just know you're not out of rhythm
If you're dancing to a different song
and there's no such thing as holding a pen wrong.