Worst Behaviour

The red cheeks spread out across his pale face
Like a drop of red wine onto white tablecloth.

The frantic mouth is sane in music’s context
Otherwise it’s the high street preachers good word.

Matted black hair an imitation of thorns
Mexican-wave across his scalp with every bop.

Sweat leaping off his brow like a post-pond dog.
Shoulder to shoulder in a packed out night club.

One hand holds an Asahi like it's an Ace of spades
The other bounces like a heart attack on an EKG

The top of his t-shirt in red capital letters reads FREE

Below is the mugshot of a teenager
Whose face is the recipient of a recent beating.

One eye almost closed from the weight of swelling.
The flesh of the other bandaged open wide as peeled lychee.

A closed mouth with large lips accentuated by taut cheeks
Not one feature on his face gives away an inch of fear.
Under the mugshot reads                            MEEK MILL-

A t-shirt made in Philadelphia to support an incarcerated black boy
repurposed at the Moth club in East London for the sake of irony. 

Another boy points at the shirt, laughs, and spuds the wearer.
Both their arms are coddled in baby fat and wobble at the connection.
They laugh after- the boy wearing the t-shirt shouts ONLINE!
                                                                                        I KNOW!