In another universe
a Moose licks a Salt rock,
or not. All I know is
I want to lick your forehead 
like it’s a salt rock. Please

don’t let the good faith me rot.
Not when alone
in that big bed you bought.
I’m used to the dangle of ankles 
as you are to promises skipping 
like CD’s in Walkmen.

Really thought 
I wasn’t like most men.
Sometimes I wonder
if I could go back
and do it again 
I wouldn’t just let 
other issues manifest.

What’s ignored will only grow.
You think I don’t talk enough cos 
you don’t come to my shows.

I miss the Wizard of Skill and
My radio!
My radio!

One writers last open mic
is another’s Oi Oi!
Whoop Whoop!
First timers!

A microcosm of all the births and deaths
In a London night
Words packed together with all
the intimacy of an 8am central line

Who’s lived long enough to watch
the currency of a promise devalue over time.
Been thinking funny since my head
got scrambled falling asleep on the
shaking window of a top deck.

In another universe I was prepared
And the bed wasn’t so big when shared.

In this universe I’m another person
that makes London, London.
living to be happy and more than
happy to be forgotten.

In another universe a Koala hugs
a eucalyptus tree
the branches are strong and made
For the occasion.