Starting in October 2012, BoxediN is a poetry night that I run with Yomi Sode and Amina Jama. We have a sister night called Boxed Intimate that we run with Cecilia Knapp. We have an additional producer in Natalie Fiyawoo and a film maker, Abu Yillah. We’re all in the same Whatsapp Group Chat.

Our home is in Boxpark Shoreditch, every last Tuesday of the month, but we have run nights at a bookshop called Caravanserail, The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm and the Battersea Arts Centre in South London.

We try to walk the line between forward thinking and accessible, being the first poetry night to have the minute and a half open mic, and our yearly event Boxedin: Clash. An event that allows poets to have a huge, fun night without removing the focus on poetry.