Back of the Head With a Brick.

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She’s looking round while trying to not be seen by anyone.
Still perfecting that balance of keeping the head down and lifting the chin up. juding by how scared of the world she looks, I’d say she’s early twenties

She’s got a notebook in her hands. I wave mine. we lock eyes. Safe.

I ask her what her name is. Jade. I say safe one, one my best friends is called Jade. She asks me the rules. I say three minutes, be careful of language. She’s looking at the ground. Keeping the poem in her head. Preparing to Lower the guard on her heart. Rearranging strengths trappings. I ask her, this your first time? She says yeah- she’s come a couple of times just to watch. She’s an hour early. She tells me she’s really nervous. I say, writing her name down, that’s how you know the poems good. Still looking at the ground she says, I hope so. Jade. She looks at me, waking up out of words she’s protecting like a bear does her cubs. I tell her, Jade, I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be amazing tonight.