My name is Sean Mahoney . This is my website. I'm a writer and performer from London. 

Thank you for checking me out. I’m jokes on instagram and am trying to stay away from everything else. Which is hard cos sometimes I think “That’d be a good tweet” but now I wonder if I can one day not even think that.

My first show, Until You Hear That Bell, has it’s own page- check it out! It might be touring again. I’m working on a new show, that might turn into a new… something new- and that’s called Back Of The Head With a Brick

I love this website because I put up loads of poems here and occasional blog posts up about things that I think are worth saying. Got old videos of me too of when I was younger. One of them… Mate I look so buff. My whole face looks bigger now. Don’t book me off that video it’ll be like a Catfish.

One of my pride and joys is Boxedin. A night I run with Yomi Sode, Amina Jama and Cecilia Knapp (Plus Natalie Fiawoo who is behind the scenes but very important) it’s a poetry night that has been, and strives to be more.

Thank you for coming to my website. I check the analytics when I’m depressed and it’s always nice to see that people actually come here without me posting anything sometimes.

Safe one,


Taken by the don  Rumes

Taken by the don Rumes