Arlington + Albany

Anyone want to know about Arlington? Most I can say is that I wont ever use a DVD player in my show again- it turned itself off ten minutes in and I had to try and turn it on and fast forward to my boxing bout during the show. Looked like a right mug. Back to the tapes. Re-e-wind.

On the way home, I checked the Arlington Arts centre's pamphlet/list of shows that are on and saw my name written as ‘Ben Mahoney’- I really hope that there is a Ben Mahoney who has no idea why three drama students from Alrington now follow him on twitter- and congrats to him for doing such a great show about amateur boxing in Arlington! What a guy!

I was excited to perform at The Albany. I've seen some of my favourite performers for the first time there. I know it's an amazing place to be- I definitely wanted to do the best show I could.

This next bit of writing, I’m going to talk about performing a lot. And Nerves.

I love doing this so much. I love writing, I love performing. I’m so grateful to make enough money on this tour that I can buy a plane ticket to see my girlfriend and Mum in New York- I think, because I love it so much, I forget how stressful and exhausting it can be. We did a get in, worked on some new staging for the Albany audience layout, tweaked a few later scenes with Yael, did a run through, a tech run- I remember looking at the clock and realising I had half an hour before the show would start. There was then this panic in me that I couldn’t shake off- tried doing a warm up, tried listening to music, staring at a wall- each one for ten seconds, on a loop, getting more and more frustrated with myself.

When I got on stage, I said the first line of the show so quick, I didn’t even hear it. I wondered if I said it right at all. For the next ten minutes I was on stage, questioning myself, frightened, tripping up on my words- luckily- the first ten minutes of the show revolve around me being a very nervous, frightened little boy- so I don’t think the audience could tell. And the audience were so lovely. One of the loudest I’ve ever had. Was so pleased whenever I heard Zia and Eve laugh as well. Love you two so much.

When I finished shifts making burgers, or selling pies, I’d go home and feel rubbish, hoping one day I’d do what I’m doing right now- so to let anything get in the way of enjoying these moments has me getting really mad at myself.

The next show went real smooth- I got to share the stage with Jacqui, who beautifully interpreted my show using sign language- it was such a joy to share the stage with her and I would love to work with her again. 

My sister Eve filmed the show- she’s an amazing filmmaker and did the trailers for the BAC run. it was great to have her film the show and really exciting to see what she’ll do with the footage! I’m guessing she’ll cut it to some unknown Skpeta song from 2008 or a Novelist freestyle that’s only on soundcloud.

It was really nice to do another show in London. Thank you so much to all my mates who’ve recommended the show on Facebook and Twitter! Especially to Beth Friday, someone who went to my old gym does stand up, working at one of the best comedy nights I ever did stand up at, Angel Comedy. In every chat we find another way in which our lives are eerily similar. She also brought Chip Grim, a poet and trainer at one of a gym I used to box for, The Allstars. That meant a lot to me.

And to Daniel Kitson- thank you for coming on Tuesday, for coming to the show in June and recommending it on your mailing list, what you wrote was so encouraging and I’m really thankful and grateful for your support. No doubt in my mind you’re the reason my show sold out. Thank you so much.

I’m leaving London for six days now. Touring. Performing at the Poly in Falmouth on the 9th, The Acorn Theatre in Torquay on the 12th and The Edge, in Brixham on the 13th. It's exciting. I'm really knackered in a BnB in Falmouth. Rains a lot here. Te Amo.

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