And it was a house party of a girl I was seeing

But it started in a Leicester Square night club

And it was a club with a name like "Oxygen" Or "Ozone" or "Onyx"

But her house was in a part of west I'd otherwise never visit.

And three floors up only meant there were two to go

But there was a hammock on the rooftop

And it brought perspective from the pavement

But time away always makes me miss it.

And running from a jacking was a past time

But so was arguing about Sony Versus Nintendo

And only a fool would think roles wouldn't change

But friends took growth in arms as a graduation

And these friends were still so young

But their new bodies were so impatient

And they targeted boys who looked like us

But younger

And I walked home on a new route.

But I console myself with the mantra: I'm good, I'm good.

And I'm as good as I was at twelve

But something could be done at seventeen

And that something was exercise my right to cowardice

"But life's pressures often get me down/
sometimes I feel there's not a lot to smile about so I frown.

And I talk a whole heap of badness/
because my life is a whole heap of madness"

But I can't say I lived every line

And years prior gave us Channel U with More fire.

But Boy in the Corner admitted a weakness I needed

And it might not have been the voice for all boys in my school

But it brought me closer to the friends I used to walk home with

And Dizzee's rhymes contained a lot of


And poetry teachers always want 


out of classrooms

But Dizzee wrote them

And I couldn't focus no matter the lesson

But knew like Dizzee there was more to brick walls

And I began to forge my own path

But have drifted in the years that passed

And I try to breathe in weed while looking like I know how to

But accidentally exhale before the smoke reaches my lungs

And I was trying to remember where I was

But senses were dulled the chat of this girl hogging the blunt

And she was so at home in a house like this

But doubt she has ever been in another's

And she recalls her disgust of seeing a mother with her young child in a McDonalds

But hasn't been the type of tired that puts you on the quickest route to putting a smile on the face of a loved one.  

And she can't fathom how anyone could wear nike when their sweatshops have child labour

But she's quiet on seeing a whole classrooms eyes light up like nothing else at the sight of all white air force ones.

And all the guy cutting lines in this circle says is "It's the best, it's from Bolivia"

But she's more than happy to make a straw out of twenty quid

And not say shit

But I feel sick

And I want to see a friend here

But they're either at uni or smoking something stronger

And this city is for the taking

But everyone who's grown up here has become intimidated

And this boy with the same hair same same height same shirt as me asks if I came with Ollie's friends

But I don't know who Ollie is

And I doubt I've got much in common with him

But tonight I do

And I get off the roof the hard way

But the easy route's considered

And I'm going down the stairs to leave

But I'm stopped by the girl I was seeing

And I had completely forgotten about her

But she's been looking for me all night

And she asks what's the matter

But I stay silent

And her fingers hold my wrists

But I shirk them away

And keep walking

But she's in front of the door

And is still smiling

But I don't know what to tell her

And I know she'll be understanding because she has been since the night we met at that shit night club

But I can't give an inch

And I don't know how to admit that I don't feel safe here

But don't fit in any of the places I've grown up in either

And accumulating age runs parallel to accumulating a weight that these years don't deserve

But instead I say it's not in my interests to hang around her