The New Thing

Creating The Second Thing Is A Different Challenge Compared To Creating The First Thing.

The first thing is seeing if you can tell that story, that story you've known you've wanted to tell for a while. It's trying to figure out structure, realising you can't tell every single part of it, realising that some parts you never thought would be worth telling are actually the most hilarious/heartbreaking/necessary parts of the story.

It took me a year and half to write UYHTB. I'd go to a cafe near mine after work every day and work for three hours and every now and then get that burst of inspo and would be up all night or scribbling lines on the notebook between serving customers.

It's been a year since I finished the show and I've been finding it harder to write this new thing. I've written about three different ten minutes of stuff I keep calling 'seven out of tens'- Stuff that's cool, but it's not blowing my mind. At the same time, I'm not giving any of this work time to really evolve, I'm not caring for it. (And a seven out of ten, it isn't bad!)

When I was younger I'd be so judgemental of artists I didn't know
("Sean, what do you think of the Diamonds From Sierra Leone remix?" "It's alright. Kanye's bit was SHIT")
I think it made me feel better about not being as good as them. I feel guilty about that. Feel like I'm still being way too harsh, but now with myself. Karma vibes.

I'm still sitting at the laptop, doubting myself- hoping to find a breakthrough though. I'm in New York till the 11th of September. I said that I'd write my show here. Think it's beginning to dawn on me how hard that is going to be, mainly because I'm still trying to find out what it is.


... I think I have something- it's so far away from what I was writing in January, when I started, but then again, so is my life, and that's what this will be about. I think it's good. Maybe even a 7.5.

I'll keep posting about it, if not for you (dear reader) than at least for me to hold myself to something.

Safe one
And thank you.